Our Church Ministries

Door Knocking

Bi-weekly, our church passes out Gospel tracts door-to-door throughout Beaufort County, SC.

Street Ministry

Sign holding and street preaching to share the Word of God with the community.

Calvary choir


Church members meet weekly to practice music specials to perform during services.

Patch the Pirate Club

Patch the Pirate Club

Weekly Wednesday evening class for children ages 5-11 with Bible and music lessons. PeeWee Patch Club also available for young children ages 3-4.

Media Team

Runs and maintains the media equipment during services and creates additional content for social media.

Calvary Bible Institute

We offer intense discipleship and learning for those who not only want to be thoroughly grounded in sound doctrine but who also desire to deepen their knowledge of the word of God. 

Have Any Questions?

Do you have questions about our church? We’d love to hear from you! Please feel free to visit, call or email us today.

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